Applicationexcellent power solution

Urban buildings

Industry characteristics

Lighting, electrical appliances, elevators in most places usually need to use a generator as a backup power supply and it requires low noise.


Product Requirement

1. Working environment: No more than 1km above sea level; ambient environment temperature is -5~+40.

2. Noise requirement: low power range: (not higher than 500kW), the noise is required within 60~65dB(A)/7m; high power range: (more than 500kW), the noise is required within 75~90dB(A)/7m.

3. Safety measures: water proof, noise proof, dust proof.

4. Performance guarantee: stable operation and low noise.



Westinpower provides a stable and reliable power supply to the construction of various types of buildings. The use of silencer pipeline systems of excellent performance can effectively reduce noise.


Westinpower Advantages

Choose the world-famous brands of engines and alternators with high reliability;

Intelligentmonitoring, parallel and grid-connected technology realize the generating set power the most perfect black start seamless connection with city electricity.

Advanced waterproof, dustproof and sandproof design, together with excellent spraying process and excellent performance of the water tank make the gensets suitable for ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, high salt content, humidity and other extremely harsh environment;

Customized designs and material selection meet the requirements of various industries and fields.