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Major Power Stations

Industry characteristics

The electricity supply comes from the major power stations. When the power station stops the power supply, the generators will be used as an emergency power supply. In general, power plants require generating units of at least 500KW.

Product Requirement

1. 工作环境:海拔不高于1000米;环境温度为-5~+40℃。         

2. 噪音要求:大功率段(500KW以上)的噪声要求在75~90dB(A)/7m范围内。

3. 安全措施:防潮、防水、防音。

4. 性能保障: 主用机组可连续带载运行500小时,机组平均无故障时间为2000-3000小时。


Westinpower provides power plants with diesel gensets of stable operation and excellent performance. When the mains power fails for some reason, the unit will automatically start to work. And the unit will be automatically shut down after 0-300 seconds of cooling (adjustable).

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